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Two and a Half Men (2003 - 2015)

Two and a Half Men (2003 - 2015)



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Two and a Half Men is a comedy about men, women, sex, dating, divorce, mothers, single parenthood, money, love and friendship. Walden Schmidt is a lovelorn Internet billionaire with an innocence born out of his lifelong dependence on others to take care of him. After a failed attempt to drown himself in the ocean after his wife kicked him out, a suicidal Walden stumbles into a Malibu beach house, where tightly-wound, twice-divorced chiropractor Alan Harper and his underachieving teenage son, Jake, had been living with Alan's now-deceased brother for the past eight years. With no place to go, Walden buys the house and invites Alan to remain there, saving Alan from having to move in with his narcissistic, emotionally toxic mother, Evelyn. Walden asks Berta, a domineering, unapologetically blue-collar housekeeper who has been working in the household, to stay as well. Despite his unsuccessful history with women, Alan unexpectedly finds himself mentoring Walden, who has severely limited dating experience. While Walden, Alan and Jake adjust to their new living arrangement, they create a surrogate family unit that promises to make each a better man.

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Critics Consensus: Two and a Half Men putters to an unpleasant end that continues to beat the dead Charlie horse while spinning an offensive, homophobic subplot.

2014, CBS, 16 episodes

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2013, CBS, 22 episodes

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2012, CBS, 23 episodes

Critics Consensus: Ashton Kutcher proves to be a game replacement for the unceremoniously departed Charlie Sheen, but Two and a Half Men feels exhausted and bitter as it trudges beyond its natural lifespan.

2011, CBS, 24 episodes

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2010, CBS, 16 episodes

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2009, CBS, 22 episodes

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2008, CBS, 24 episodes

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2007, CBS, 19 episodes


Charlie Sheen
as Charlie Harper
Ashton Kutcher
as Walden Schmidt
Jon Cryer
as Alan Harper
Holland Taylor
as Evelyn Harper
Maggie Lawson
as Ms. McMartin
Angus T. Jones
as Jake Harper
Judy Greer
as Bridget
Ryan Stiles
as Herb Melnick
Jane Lynch
as Dr. Linda Freeman
James Edson
as Stephan
Ming-Na Wen
as Linda Harris
Kris Iyer
as Dr. Prajneep
Carl Reiner
as Marty Pepper
Martin Mull
as Russell
Jeri Ryan
as Sherri
Meagen Fay
as Martha
Alicia Coppola
as Dr. Michelle Talmadge
Carol Kane
as Shelly
Sara Rue
as Naomi
Laura Stone
as Danielle
Robert Clotworthy
as Gangster No. 1
Missi Pyle
as Miss Pasternak
Robert Clotworthy
as TV Announcer
Ed Forsyth
as Waiter
Steve Tom
as Minister
Steve Hynter
as Dr. Schenkman
Sara Erikson
as Bethany
Drew Cheetwood
as Male Stripper
Tom Virtue
as Minister
Darryl Sivad
as Cab Driver
Megan Fox
as Prudence
Sean Penn
as Himself
Suzanne Whang
as Anesthesiologist
Jon Lovitz
as Archie
Deena Dill
as Ms. Tuttle
Richard Lewis
as Stan Beiber
Jenna Elfman
as Frankie
Sandy Bentley
as Sexy Girl
Sab Shimono
as Hiroshi
Madison Mason
as Tommy Shaefer
Terry Rhoads
as Dr. Andrew Sperlock
Bob Morrisey
as Dr. Little
Gigi Rice
as Christina
Orson Bean
as Norman
Kim Oja
as Betsy
Stephanie Erb
as Mrs. Schmidt
Andrea Bendewald
as Terry Sholander
Paget Brewster
as Jamie Eckleberry
Natalie Zea
as Colleen
Jessica Tuck
as Cynthia
Jason Alexander
as Dr. Goodman
Aisha Tyler
as Allison
Brendan Patrick Connor
as Middle-Aged Guy
Matthew Jordan
as Louis at 21
John Stamos
as Himself
Layla Crawford
as Little Girl
Jeff Probst
as Himself
Gracie Zane
as Volleyball Player #1
George Wyner
as Sheldon
Ben Hermes
as Detective
Judith Drake
as Cynthia
Noel Fisher
as Freddie
Jamie Day
as Annette
Jay Harik
as Cab Driver
Bridget Flanery
as Judith Harper
Ronobir Lahiri
as Dr. Dasgupta
Kathy Bates
as Charlie
Mandy Bentley
as Sexy Girl
June Squibb
as Margaret
Eve Gordon
as Brenda
Andrea Bogart
as Gretchen
Mark Chaet
as Doctor
Karen Trella
as Natalie
Steve Shaw
as Rev. Yarnell
Alicia Witt
as Evelyn Harper
Ciera Foster
as Volleyball Player #2
John Pirruccello
as Police Helicopter Pilot
Rob Poynter
as Judith Harper
Elizabeth Ho
as Jasmine
Joel McKinnon Miller
as Officer Wilkenson
Jonathan Banks
as Evelyn Harper
Elise Robertson
as Second Nurse
Justine Eyre
as Gabrielle
George Coe
as Victor
Jennifer Aspen
as Stephanie
Lynda Carter
as Lynda Carter
Diane Farr
as Rachel
Ken Davitian
as Mr. Mardirosian
Natalie Denise Sperl
as Judith Harper
Frances Fisher
as Priscilla Honeycutt
Dakin Matthews
as Father Shaunassey
Kelly Sry
as Henry
Ken Jeong
as Male Nurse
Jud Taylor
as DeeDee
Emily Rose
as Janine
J. D. Walsh
as Evelyn Harper
Ski Carr
as Gonzales
Erinn Hayes
as Gretchen
as Stephanie
Steven Tyler
as Himself
Jon Polito
as Mr. Sharipa
Scott McShane
as Police Officer #1
Jamie Hill
as Nicole
Andy Mackenzie
as Ronald Wiedermeier
Larry Cedar
as Policeman No. 1
Jamie Rose
as Sloane Jagov
Jenn Liu
as Gwyneth
Lillian Adams
as Mrs. Freemantle
Jessica Lundy
as Sister Mary Francis
Molly Stanton
as Michaela
Will Sasso
as Andrew
Amy Hill
as Mrs. Wiggins
Taylor Cole
as Melanie
Bre Blair
as Rachel
Willie Garson
as Dr. Staven
Jelly Howie
as Kristen
Ernie Grunwald
as Clinician
Michael Lowry
as Wes Tosterone
Shanti Lowry
as Tara/Tanya
Andre Ware
as Officer No. 1
Julianne Grossman
as Darlene Wiedermeier
Jenn Liu
as Gwyneth
Rico E. Anderson
as M.P. Searle
Kim Shaw
as Maria
Austin Lee
as Changpu
Anna Graves
as Flight Attendant
Charlie Dell
as Minister
Ken Lerner
as Dr. Levine
Peter Hulne
as Police Officer #2
Jeff Staron
as Barista
Steven Tyler
as Himself
Bruno Amato
as Officer Roberts
Bob Levitan
as Fireman #1
Shon Little
as Cashier
Elle Evans
as Cheyenne
Mila Kunis
as Vivian
Diane Sellers
as Ms. Gallagher
Treisa Gary
as Nurse Shelby
Kevin Knight
as Cashier
Bob Rumnock
as Minister
Michael Potter
as Man's Voice
Clint Culp
as William
Aja Evans
as Emily
Marion Ross
as Margaret
Richard V. Licata
as Councilman Stewart
Mikki Padilla
as Bridesmaid #1
John Burke
as Det. Henry Ketchum
Amanda Gallo
as Tiffany
Max Mittelman
as Mechanical Demon
Bob Rusch
as Referee
Jamal Thomas
as Fireman #2
Amira Elliby
as Six-Year-Old Girl
Stefan Umstead
as Officer Foster
Jim Grollman
as Cashier
Michael Merton
as Photographer
Gregg Marx
as Announcer
Cazzy Golomb
as Girl #2
Rodney J. Hobbs
as Locksmith
Jim Meskimen
as Gangster No. 2
Keena Ferguson
as Bridesmaid #2
Desi Lydic
as Veronica
Alem Brhan
as Sergeant
Alex McKenna
as Michelle
Amy Pietz
as Angie
Jeff Clarke
as Sherman
Jennifer Keyes
as Bridesmaid #3
Richard Whiten
as Sgt. Preston
Dorian Brown
as Jennifer
Tammy Tavares
as Woman #1
Mia Kelly
as Cindy
Richard F. Whiten
as Sgt. Preston
Daniel Benson
as Teenage Boy
Katrina Nelson
as Silent Betty
Annie Mumolo
as Teenage Girl No.1
Jane Carr
as Sharon
Ashley Edner
as Teenage Girl No. 2
Kimberly Brooks
as Computer Voice
Dan Cole
as Clown
Rena Sofer
as Chrissy
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