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"Stuber" reeks of a script penned in the wake of buddy cop films that stagnated on a studio executive's shelf until actors could be convinced to sign on.

Matt Ward, Cinematic Considerations


Ari Aster is undoubtedly a master of his craft

Marianna Neal, Impression Blend

The Farewell

A heartfelt look at culture and family traditions no other film has captured such depth.

Sarah Knight Adamson, Hollywood360 Radio



... if you enjoyed Shazam! in theaters or you're looking to get into it now, the special features have plenty to dig into and really up the value of the experience.

Douglas Davidson, Elements of Madness


Truly, what's most frustrating about Hellboy is how, in its unevenness, it's easy to see the good parts overtaken by poor CG and an unnecessarily complicated plot.

Douglas Davidson, Elements of Madness

David Cross: Oh Come On

As part of his cross North American tour, he covers everything from dates at a colonic spa to why he is beginning to regret voting for Trump.

Carey-Ann Pawsey, Orca Sound