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Hilarious and intelligent in equal measure, "Booksmart" is the best film of 2019 so far, establishing Olivia Wilde as a powerhouse director in the process.

Joey Magidson, Hollywood News

Pokémon Detective Pikachu

By film's end, I wanted to watch it all again for the details throughout, and if that doesn't perfectly fit that "gotta catch 'em all" quality of the series, what does?

Colby Bryant,

Sorry We Missed You

In Sorry We Missed You, Loach not only repeats his usual formula, but goes to levels of intensity that are unforgivable. [Full Review in Spanish]

Alonso Díaz de la Vega, Cine Premiere


The Mule

Obviously at his age, Clint Eastwood can only play a certain number of roles. His days of playing the cowboy or guy with a gun are done. Interesting to see him play more mature characters and to see what attracts him to work.

Carey-Ann Pawsey, Orca Sound

La religieuse (The Nun)

Featuring a searing performance from Anna Karina, La Religieuse is much more than the scandal that made it famous in France. Kino Lorber's release of the film's recent 4K restoration is a service to a landmark film of the French New Wave.

Pat Brown, Slant Magazine

Big Brother (Taai si hing)

If audiences are going to seek out stories to help them bear reality, why not partake in something which might elicit ambition to drive out the darkness.

Douglas Davidson, Elements of Madness