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1/5 99% Parasite (Gisaengchung) (2019) No doubt Asian capitalist interests are well-served in the end, there won't be rioting in the streets on the back of this one. A film is hardly effective satire if it doesn't point up a route to radical change.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Jan 13, 2020
2.5/5 93% Long Day's Journey Into Night (Di qiu zui hou de ye wan) (2019) Long Day's Journey into Night is a risky film to launch anywhere, being slow in its exposition and resistant to easy interpretation. Approach with caution but, if in doubt, approach it anyway.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Dec 31, 2019
4/5 37% Seberg (2020) Seberg is a must-see.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Dec 31, 2019
4/5 100% Amanda (2018) Amanda has that pressing, anticipatory feel of a Michael Haneke movie, an air of slightly smug urban contentment about to be shattered.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Dec 31, 2019
4/5 94% Transit (2019) [A] bold adaptation.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Dec 20, 2019
4/5 97% The Kingmaker (2019) The film moves easily back and forth between the simpering, self-justificatory former first lady and the documented realities of what took place under her husband's iron rule.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Dec 12, 2019
2/5 94% Beanpole (Dylda) (2020) There is no point obviously in trying to like Beanpole, it doesn't have a sticker attached that says 'like me,' you will either get its uncompromising delving into deep hurt or you won't.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Dec 9, 2019
5/5 100% So Long, My Son (Di jiu tian chang) (2019) So Long, My Son, whose original title in Mandarin is Di Jiu Tian Chang, is an easily accessible, beautifully-wrought work of cinema whose universal human story of heartbreak and tragedy is spellbinding.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Dec 4, 2019
4/5 91% The Biggest Little Farm (2019) The film is so companionable in John's unrelenting grin-and-bear-it voice-over, and so lovable with Molly's all-American positivity that, heck, you even want to know how they got Todd in the first place.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Dec 1, 2019
.5/5 97% Knives Out (2019) Knives Out is a trite, pale comedy that tries to be as infantile as it can be within the bounds of adult entertainment.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Nov 26, 2019
5/5 83% La Belle Époque (2020) Written and directed by Nicolas Bedos, La Belle Epoque is a dazzling tour de force for everyone who likes magnificent escapism.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Nov 20, 2019
3/5 81% The Report (2019) The movie is solid and engaging enough, but it is not particularly exceptional and one might say the same about Spotlight.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Nov 12, 2019
5/5 89% Meeting Gorbachev (2019) Alas, the sweets do not have sugar but they are at least chocolates.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Nov 7, 2019
4/5 44% After the Wedding (2019) Williams inhabits the role with great skill and the film is almost worth seeing just for her master class in quietly-simmering anxiety.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Oct 31, 2019
3.5/5 96% By the Grace of God (Grâce à Dieu) (2019) Sobering viewing.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Oct 24, 2019
5/5 No Score Yet The Curious Works of Roger Doyle (2018) This magisterial tribute documentary is framed around the staging of Doyle's first opera, Heresy...‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Oct 23, 2019
.5/5 70% Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) It's one of the most turgid, mind-numbing exercises in so-called cinematic craft that one could ever expect to witness and hear, very loudly indeed, way louder than the crunching of popcorn.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Oct 23, 2019
4/5 No Score Yet Best Before Death (2019) So, in conclusion, a slightly fusty air of nineteenth century good works and leatherette prayer books meets a version of late English hippiedom and unshowy sharing. Unshowy, yes, even if that film-maker chap insists on recording it all.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Oct 10, 2019
5/5 87% Non-Fiction (Doubles vies) (2019) Printed books versus e-books, love and infidelity behind the bookshelves, it's all rather topical in this charming, restrained comedy of manners featuring Juliette Binoche - and indeed everybody else - doing star turns in Oliver Assayas's engaging drama.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Oct 10, 2019
3.5/5 93% Werewolf (Wilkolak) (2018) Here in Werewolf is an interesting Polish take on horror, an object lesson in how it might be done successfully.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Oct 1, 2019
4/5 No Score Yet Losing Alaska (2018) It's an important film, underscoring the troubled realities of climate change and its widespread ramifications.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Oct 1, 2019
4/5 42% The Laundromat (2019) The movie is, in sum, an enjoyable romp, the cinematic equivalent of a Radox bath after a hard day. Go for it.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Sep 27, 2019
3.5/5 98% The Farewell (2019) Made with the necessary narrative and directorial guile to get the Oscars in its sights, and with dialogue in English and Mandarin Chinese, The Farewell presses all the right buttons and is a heart-warming tale about cultural dislocation.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Sep 19, 2019
5/5 99% For Sama (2019) Waad Al-Khateab is undoubtedly one of the bravest, imaginative film-makers of our times with hopefully many more films to deliver.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Sep 11, 2019
4/5 90% The Souvenir (2019) The Souvenir might be glibly written off as an art movie by viewers who cannot engage with what is ultimately a tragic adaggieto of self-destruction. Be patient with it, however, it's worth it.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Aug 28, 2019
4/5 90% Never Grow Old (2019) Black as pitch, Never Grow Old is a convincing thriller set in in 1849 in an American settlement ruled over by a psychopathic thug, played with consummate, unadulterated evil by John Cusack.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Aug 21, 2019
4/5 97% Pain and Glory (Dolor y gloria) (2019) Call it suspense then, but it's of a very sophisticated kind. Superb.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Aug 21, 2019
4/5 51% The Sun Is Also a Star (2019) Sure, Tracy Oliver's screenplay is simplistic and gee-whizz-earnest but so what, Ry Russo-Young directs with admirable skill and sensitivity.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Aug 6, 2019
5/5 95% Gaza (2019) Gaza is compelling because we hear of life there in the people's own words, we can judge the tone of the revelations and observations, look at the weary expressions.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Aug 6, 2019
3.5/5 43% The Art of Racing in the Rain (2019) Look, The Art of Racing in the Rain is not Sergei Eisenstein or Jean Cocteau, but it serves its purpose as a meat-and-two-veg family story which does what it says on the tin with real expertise.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Aug 6, 2019
1.5/5 50% Tell It to the Bees (2019) What might have been, in more capable hands, an indie gem is instead a melodramatic TV movie.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Jul 18, 2019
5/5 100% The Cold Blue (2019) [A]n extraordinarily moving portrait of the American bomber pilots of the Second World War.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Jul 5, 2019
2.5/5 77% Never Look Away (2019) Never Look Away runs to over three hours and is a reasonably engaging human story but it is overly-long and flawed by a certain degree of cinematic indulgence that makes it syrupy and fluffy when it should not be so.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Jul 5, 2019
5/5 75% Halston (2019) Take a look at Bergdorf Goodman's website and see how Halston Heritage still informs in handbags, footwear, accessories. Nothing ever really dies.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Jun 4, 2019
3.5/5 91% Gloria Bell (2019) Less taut and focused than the Spanish language original, Sebastián Lelio's own remake is nevertheless passably pleasant.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Jun 4, 2019
4/5 98% Too Late to Die Young (Tarde para morir joven) (2019) It is a real virtue of the movie that one has to think this so often. You will only come to tentative theories about its raison d'être when you have finished viewing it. See it at the IFI. Recommended.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted May 22, 2019
5/5 64% Memoir of War (La douleur) (2018) Memoir of War is composed beautifully through highly theatrical camera angles, capturing, for example, reflections in mirrors to brilliant effect. ‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted May 22, 2019
5/5 96% Birds of Passage (Pájaros de verano) (2019) The broodingly incendiary Birds of Passage will keep you captivated until the exhausted conclusion as a feud between two families of the Wayuu people of Colombia ratchets up the drama to breaking point.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted May 16, 2019
2/5 87% Float Like a Butterfly (2018) There are the bones of a decent film here but the script is clichéd, while the over-employed score mostly spoils it. ‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted May 10, 2019
3.5/5 89% Donbass (2018) Well worth seeing, if you can bear its visceral mini-dramas and unnerving set pieces.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Apr 25, 2019
5/5 99% Ash Is Purest White (2019) In Ash is Purest White, director Zhangke has switched on what are in effect noir sidelights into a Chinese underworld while credibly building a certain sympathy for the two gang leaders of the piece. ‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Apr 25, 2019
5/5 94% Styx (2019) A work of high drama that is superbly executed. Through a measure of suggestive narrative guile, the film cannot help but make us think about the plight of refugees who risk it all in the Atlantic to try and get to Europe. ‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Apr 25, 2019
3.5/5 79% Loro (2019) The mood has darkened irrevocably and the closing scenes of devastation at L'Aquila seem to point up something much bigger than Berlusconi, something sinister at the heart of Italian statehood.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Apr 18, 2019
2.5/5 60% Greta (2019) Director Neil Jordan has a stab at psychodrama in his new film, Greta, which is saved - and only just - by the presence of French veteran, Isabelle Huppert.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Apr 18, 2019
2/5 39% Don't Go (2018) A puzzling finish, as dream over-hangs reality. Must have been something in the whiskey.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Apr 15, 2019
4/5 92% Last Breath (2018) Ultimately, the film is a stirring tribute to a band of unpretentiously likable, yet highly skilled individuals, bonded together in their own ways, and looking out for each other whatever the danger. ‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Apr 3, 2019
3.5/5 No Score Yet The Limit Of (2017) Sharper, snappier editing and less of that deliberate ponderousness in the dialogue and direction would have helped achieve a more supple rhythm but this is a mere caveat.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Apr 3, 2019
2.5/5 90% Happy as Lazzaro (Lazzaro felice) (2018) The film begins with real promise but fizzles in its second act into a foggy portentousness.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Apr 3, 2019
4/5 100% The Man Who Wanted to Fly (2019) The Man Who Wanted To Fly is a thoughtful, unassuming film about one man's ambition to take to the skies.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Mar 28, 2019
5/5 100% Minding the Gap (2018) Tender and perceptive, and a balanced picture of extraordinary lives, Minding the Gap is unmissable for anyone interested in this neglected corner of America, a million miles from Trump Tower.‐ RTÉ (Ireland)
Read More | Posted Mar 21, 2019